Harley Davidson of Barre VT - Rattling that Harley Service won't fix

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Went to the dealer to complain about the new 2013 FXDWG, that I had a quick connect back rest put on.The first thing was they (the dealer) bent the docking hardware on the bike and it was hidden by the backrest arm.

I took it back because it rattles like 12 tin cans tied together. They did fix the hardware but not the rattle. It is worse now than ever, they stated that all the detachable equipment rattled. Bull!!!!

I have owned 6 Harley Motorcycles and none of the others did. So then I found out that my hips are shot, and I cannot ride unless I have a trike. So I tried to trade it back in with 406 miles on the m/c that I paid 19,000 dollars for and was told it would be worth 9,000 trade. Quite a drop/rip off, very disappointed in HD in general.

I am a 100 percent disabled combat vet and I will never, never recommend HD again, to anyone that wants a bike that is stood behind by the company from which it is purchased. It is now sitting in my garage rotting, because I can't ride it, and no one wants to talk trade. It is for sale however, and will be the last one I own.

I still want a trike, but I will be going with HONDA!!!Thanks for nothing HD., remember the poor people made you what you are not the yuppie/weekend riders of today.

Review about: 2013 Fxdwg.

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